Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coffee at the B&N

As I sit here in our local Barnes & Noble, I am struck by the atmosphere. A sense of searching for enlightenment. Life's mysteries unlocked, even if by osmosis. Answers absorbed by ones proximity to text. Letters, words and sentences are grown into tales of similar searchings. Searching people seeking stories about people searching. We are momentarily reminded that in our perceived isolation, we have comrades. Aah....sweet relief. We are not so different after all.

Yet again and again our search is renewed. (Much to the delighted coffers of all bookstores.) And so here we convene, reignited by caffeine and low chatter. Crossing paths yet not quite intersecting. Just enough, but not too much. Perhaps today there were no answers, but we are reassured that amongst the many shelves they await discovery patiently.

So we prepare to exit with a sense of peace, satisfied. Yet as we cross the threshold into daily life, the gnawing tendrils of loneliness begin to slide back up the ankles en route to our heart.

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